Apologies, it has been way too long since I blogged,

This year went pear shaped, and whilst I had every intention of blogging at least once a month, if not weekly, I have been occupied with other things………doing weddings mainly, sorting out my health, and helping get my hubby’s business up and running,back in his home town.

Limb Celebrant Wedding


I am going to go out on a limb now and commit to writing a blog every month, and then work up to one every fortnight, and then one every week. Let’s see how I go!

Today, I want to talk about flowers. 

Daisy Heart Wedding


As you might know, I live in Jacaranda Central in Grafton, and I have been surrounded by the beautiful luminous light of these mauve majesties for some time now, although they are currently giving way to the equally beautiful Poinciana.


Grafton Marriage Celebrant

And I currently have a vase of the sweet smelling gardenias from my garden on my desk, as well as my favourites, yellow rose buds.

Grafton Celebrant garden

I am also a frequent visitor to my local fabulous florist, who recently supplied me with flowers for a couple I was marrying on Wategoes Beach in Byron Bay.


Flowers speak the language of love.

Flowers can smell divine.

Flowers have been used in history for coded messages of love.

Flowers are used as gifts, expressions of thanks and love.

Flowers are used as decoration to make a home feel more welcoming.

And flowers bloom each to their own season.

Flowers wedding Grafton

In a wedding they are used in so many ways.

As boutonnières for the groom and groomsmen.

As bouquets for the bride and her attendants.

Brides Bridesmaids Clarence Valley Grafton Wedding

As table arrangements on the signing table.

Signing Wedding Certificate Grafton

As centrepieces for the guest tables.

Guest bridal table Grafton Wedding

As headpieces for the bridal party.

Bride bridal crown celebrant

As decoration for bridal arches.

Wedding Arch Clarence Valley Wedding

As runners for the bridal table.

Bridal Table Grafton Celebrant

As petals to be scattered as the bride arrives.

Petals Grafton Wedding Celebrant

The selection of wedding flowers should be a simple one………what arrangements do you want, what is in season, what colour goes with your wedding theme, and what can you afford.


do you keep it simple

Simple elegant stylish bridesmaids grafton wedding

or do you go all out and have lots of flowers and lots of colour?

Colour bouquet bride wedding grafton


Do you keep it real………native or exotic?

Pearl bouquet Wedding grafton

or do you go dried, dyed, pearled or perhaps artificial?


Choosing flowers for your wedding is a highly personal decision and having a wonderful florist who understands your needs is the first step.

Me……….well, 17 years ago I went for the very simple option. Just look at my very happy dad!


Susie Roberts Celebrant


Next blog I will look at all things wedding rings. See you then.

Hearts Susie Roberts Grafton Celebrant

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