Renewal of Vows

Wedding days are magical – its’ such a shame to only do it once.

Renewal of vows ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular for couples and are often done on major milestones such as every 10 years of marriage or on your 25th wedding anniversary.

Whatever your time frame or reason, a renewal of vows can be just as special as the original wedding day and as it is not an official ceremony and service you have a wide scope to make it as intimate or extravagant as you like with endless options of how it can be conducted.

You may choose to walk down the aisle together this time, you may exchange new rings or re-exchange your original ones, you may like to include your children or grandchildren in the ceremony, or perhaps you may like to recreate your first wedding exactly how it was. Your Ceremony, Your Way!

“My husband and I had been married for almost 10 years when I got on one knee and asked my husband to renew vows with me. Our renewal was not about a public exhibition of renewed commitment, it was a humble and intimate ceremony recognising the evolution of our relationship and individuality……a check-in for us alone.
Susie respected and captured our history in a very real way on the day because she took the time to understand our relationship and what was important to both of us. Susie’s ceremony covered our ten year marriage with truth, love, care and humour. It was the best day of my life.”
Victoria Marcs.